Veruca Salt • Ghost Notes Double Vinyl LP


Veruca Salt • Ghost Notes Double Vinyl LP


Veruca Salt is back with their original lineup! 14 songs featuring 'The Gospel According To Saint Me' and 'Laughing In The Sugar Bowl'. 2 LP colored vinyl, gatefold release. The vinyl version of Ghost Notes features 3 musical interludes that aren't available in any other format. and includes WAV file download card!

01 The Gospel According to Saint Me
02 Black and Blonde
03 Eyes on You
04 Prince of Wales
05 The Sound of Leaving
06 Love You Less
07 Laughing In The Sugar Bowl
08 Empty Bottle
09 Come Clean Dark Thing
10 Im Telling You Now
11 Triage
12 Lost to Me
13 The Museum of Broken Relationships
14 Alternica

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