El Camino Media signs Battleme!!


We are excited to announce that we have signed Battleme from Portland, OR! Battleme was originally a solo project of Matt Drenik, who was formerly the frontman of the awesome Austin based band Lions. After 3 years, an EP, full length LP several synch's in Sons of Anarchy, Battleme became more than a side project. Matt Messer met Matt Drenik while he was working at EMI and the two bonded over air guitar solo's during Jellyfish songs. Drenik explained the signing by saying "Matt Messer and I have wanted to work together since we met when he was at EMI.  He has great taste in music and never pushed any ideas my way that I didn't welcome.  When he told me he was starting El Camino Media, I immediately wanted in.  It felt like a family to me.  We are gonna make records and rule the world."

For his sophomore effort and debut on El Camino Media, Drenik (guitar and vocals) wanted to deliver great rock hooks and channel his inner T-Rex. To accomplish this, he enlisted fellow Portland natives Eric Johnston (Bass), Zach Richards (Drums) and Evan Railton (Synths).

In addition to a new label and a full band, Battleme has also brought in producer Doug Boehm (Girls, Guided By Voices, Devo, Booker T. Jones) to help take the record to the next level. Drenik and Bohem connected via their mutual hometown of Cincinnati, OH. After exchanging thoughts on some demos, Drenik knew Boehm was the right man for the job. "We've got the same blood, that gnarly Ohio River water is still in our system. And the guy makes some of the best sounding rock & roll records around."

The album is currently being tracked in the band's hometown of Portland at Jackpot Studio's. After laying down the basic tracks, Battleme and Doug will move the recording process down to Los Angeles for overdubs and to mix the LP at Hobby Shop studios.

We will be releasing releasing an EP from Battleme this summer and a full length LP in early 2014.

In the mean time check out Battleme's epic video for "Touch." The track comes from Battlme's 2012 self titled album.